Frequently Asked Questions

Many of Roland Realty's housing solutions offer parking, but not all buildings do. Contact a Roland Realty leasing agent for building-specific parking details.

By the bed leasing, or individual leasing, is a type of lease contract in which each roommate is only responsible for the rent for his/her bedroom. Tenants with individual leases are individually accountable for rent and/or damage to their bedroom. Tenants have the freedom of selecting their own roommates to fill out larger apartments, or have the option of enrolling in our Roommate Matching Program.

Resident mail is processed and delivered by USPS personnel to your designated unit mailbox. At time of move-in, the Roland staff will issue a mailbox key to each resident for ease of access. Upon move-out, should you wish to have your mail forwarded, you will need to complete a Change of Address Form with the local post office (the community office often has these handy). The Roland staff will accept packages and they can be retrieved during business hours with proper ID.

Some units are fully furnished. The type of furnishings provided varies from apartment to apartment. Ask an agent to specify which units offer furniture and what furniture will come included.

Submitting A Work Order

All work orders must be submitted in writing.

Place a work order through your online resident portal. If you are having trouble submitting your work order, please contact the maintenance non-emergency number (217)-351-8900. After a work order has been placed, feel free to email us at to check on the status or provide us useful updates!


Emergency Request

A maintenance team member is on call 24/7 for emergency maintenance needs.

  • Exterior door/ground floor window lock issues
  • Major leaks
  • Clogged toilet when only one toilet is in the unit (Calls for clogs that are resolved with a plunger can result in charges)
  • No heat when exterior temps are below 55 degrees
  • Refrigerator not cooling. Weekend emergency calls only, weekday calls will be handled as priority work orders the next business day
  • No electricity (breaker resets are resident responsibility or a trip charge for Maintenance after hours)
  • No Gas/Water not related to termination of service by the provider.

Notification Status

All work orders should be placed via your Resident Portal.

When done correctly, you'll be able to log in and check on the status of your work order and you'll receive email updates when the status changes to assigned to a tech, or completed.

If you didn't place the work order, but your roommate did, check with them to check on the status.

Status Updates

When done correctly, you’ll be able to log in and check on the status of your work order by selecting the history tab. You will also receive email updates.

Scheduling Maintenance Work

Given the size of our portfolio, we're rarely able to schedule times for specific work to be done. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience but work will need to be performed during regular business hours when we arrive in response to a work order.

Permission To Enter

Placing a work order explicitly gives permission to Roland staff to enter to address the situation without prior notice. Staff will always knock and announce themselves if no one comes to the door. Refusal to grant entry to staff when a work order has been placed can result in a trip charge.


95% of calls for a clogged toilet are solved with a plunger. Calls after hours that can be resolved with a plunger can be charged to the Resident so we recommend picking up your own plunger for a few dollars to save you time and money if and when you need it.

Garbage Disposals

Avoid putting any food down your garbage disposal. The only items that should be placed in your garbage disposal are items that are left on your dishes after you have scraped them into the trash.

Air Conditioning

Do not set HVAC units below 68 degrees. This will cause the unit to freeze over and require several additional hours to defrost before your system can be reset. The air coming out of the vents is at one constant temperature no matter what you set the thermostat at. The thermostat merely tells the system to run until that temperature has been reached. Setting your AC too low when it's hot outside can cause the unit to fail.

Light Bulbs

Under the lease, Residents are responsible for changing bulbs after move-in. Unless a light fixture is higher than 10 ft, please attempt to replace bulbs in fixtures with the same kind being mindful to match wattage to avoid any potential electrical issues.

Unfortunately, Roland Realty does not offer any voluntarily means of breaking or prematurely terminating a lease agreement once it's been signed. A tenant's best course of action in this situation is to find a suitable replacement tenant, or subtenant, to take their place during any duration of the lease for which they no longer have the need. Tenants can contact the Roland Realty leasing office for details about the subleasing process and/or information about how Roland can facilitate in the subleasing process.



Each Resident is required to provide proof of Liability Insurance coverage of $100,000. To satisfy this requirement you have two options:

  1. Purchase Renter’s Insurance from any third-party provider of your choosing and provide proof of coverage.
  2. Do nothing and Forced-Placed coverage will be purchased on your behalf and billed a small monthly fee (per individual).

There is a substantial benefit to obtaining and maintaining your own Renter’s Insurance coverage throughout the lease, not least of which is that it protects your personal belongings and oftentimes, your vehicle, while it’s parked at your residence. Renter’s policies can often be cheaper than the Forced-Placed coverage. Forced-placed coverage does not protect or insure your belongings.


  1. All lease occupants must have Liability insurance policies of at least $100,000. Any resident who does not provide proof of coverage will be assessed an individual fee/month for Forced-placed coverage.
  2. Coverage can only be submitted via using the SAME EMAIL address associated with your Resident Portal. Policy docs can NEVER be provided directly to the leasing office. Policy docs  submitted through your landlord’s resident portal, email, US mail, or other means than the provided portal, will be ignored and discarded.
  3. All uploaded coverage documents MUST name the appropriate ADDITIONAL INTERESTED PARTY (shown here):

Additionally  Interested Party

MCI Property Manager, LLC

PO BOX 19219
Atlanta, GA 31126

If you’re unsure what this means or how to get the information reflected on your policy, ask your Insurance Agent for help.
THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE FOR POLICY DOCS BEING DENIED – Failure to reflect the correct name/address as an Additionally Interested Party.

  1. The Insured Address on your documents MUST match your address with your landlord, including the apartment number where applicable.
  2. The Named Insured (Resident) must match the name we have on your Lease.  Providing a document with the name of a guarantor will not qualify.
  3. Proof of coverage must be uploaded via before the month your lease begins.
  4. Approval and monitoring of Proof of Coverage are all managed by Stern Risk Partner and the leasing office won’t be able to answer any questions about your documents’ status.
   Please direct all questions related to your proof of coverage to
  • Having insurance coverage and failing to appropriately upload and submit proof of coverage as outlined here will result in fees being assessed that cannot be waived. It is not enough to purchase insurance, you must comply with the provisions here to prevent fees from being assessed.

Roland lease contracts have a fixed sum for the entire duration, divided into twelve equal installments.

If you're curious why your move-in payment isn't prorated even though you're moving in halfway through the month, this is the reason. The first page of your contract specifies the annual agreed-upon sum and the schedule for installment payments, which are due on the first of each month.

Set Up AutoPay
To simplify your monthly rent payments, we highly recommend setting up AutoPay through the Resident Portal. AutoPay will automatically deduct your rent from your preferred payment method, ensuring you never miss a payment deadline.

AutoPay by Group or Individual

  • Monthly (individual) *RECOMMENDED* - Each resident can configure their payment method, select a recurring payment date, and set a max payment limit to cover their portion of the monthly balance. *Hometeam cannot advise on an individual’s rent portion because the lease is in Joint/Several format. You will need to come to an agreement with your roommates on who owes what.*
  • Roommate Split (group) - With Split Payments, the system will automatically deduct an even portion of the balance from each resident on a set date. All residents/guarantors will then receive an email inviting them to “opt-in” and set up their payment accounts. All residents/guarantors must opt in before the Split Payments feature can go into effect. This means, even if all but one roommate opts into the split payments, it will not go into effect. Please note, if all residents/guarantors don’t opt-in within 24 hours, the roommate split set-up must be reinitiated.

Once AutoPay is activated, you'll receive notifications and reminders about upcoming rent payments so youcan adequately prepare. Additionally, the system will send confirmation emailsfor each successful payment submission.

All residents and guarantors can manage their AutoPay settings, review past payments, and make any necessary adjustments to their preferences by logging into the Resident Portal.

For any rent-related questions or concerns, please contact

Roland Realty is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all our tenants. However, crime has no address and at all times, you must take an active role in securing your home, property, and most importantly, yourself. Roland Realty �makes no representations or warranties that the premises are secure from theft or any other criminal activity perpetrated by any resident or others. Security officers, to the extent that they may be on the premises, and other security facilities provided, are primarily for protection of property. Roland Realty can not guarantee the effectiveness of any such security officers or facilities as a deterrent against any criminal activity, damage, or injury to resident or any guest/visitor and their personal property.

Depending on the building in question, certain types of pets are allowed. Most of our buildings allow fish or caged birds. If tenants desire a dog or cat, it must meet the following criteria in order to be considered: 1) adult, 2) spayed/neutered, 3) housebroken. Permission for these and other types of animals must be sought from Roland's management staff before being brought on premises. Please see a Roland Realty leasing manager for details about what buildings can accommodate certain types of pets.

Many of the housing solutions Roland Realty offers have excellent utility packages included, but every building is different. Contact a Roland Realty leasing agent for additional details. You can also find the included utilities in your lease.

Rent is due on the 1st and considered late on the 2nd.

Rent can be paid via the online resident portal by ACH transaction or credit card. There is a convenience fee for each option with the ACH payment costing approx. $1.99 per occurrence (subject to change).

Physical payments (check, money order) carry a processing fee per the lease agreement.


Outstanding charges for items like utilities, damages, fees, etc... can accrue late fees if they total more than $100 on or after the 2nd of the month following when they were billed. For example, if a pet fee of $200 was charged on April 10th it could go unpaid without a late fee until May 3rd, at which time it would trigger a late fee as outstanding charges are paid first when payments are received.

For questions or concerns, contact us via

For tenants, parking fess will be charged in two installments. The first half of the total amount will be due on September 1st and the second half will be due on December 1st.

If you are not a current tenant of Roland Realty the entire amount will be done upon signing the parking agreement.